Over the last few decades I have been asked to paint hundreds, if not thousands, of private commissions and hope that most of my clients are not too scarred with the way I have portrayed them.

However, I do remember arriving at an Officers Mess in Germany and being warned by a senior ‘living in’ Major that he was “not fat nor pompous”. Big mistake; Huge… He was both and that’s how I drew him. He wasn’t happy but thirty three other officers were. As a cartoonist, I have of course sworn the Hippocritical oath but sometimes the pen just does not lie.

I have stopped doing the large regimental cartoons these days (just too much work) but enjoy doing individuals and small groups like shoots where I can really get to know the ‘victims’. I don’t like to work from photographs as all I can do is reproduce what they show me so doing surprises does require some proper homework.

As each commission is hand tailored and crafted, I can’t give a general rate but will need to chat through your thoughts before offering a quote and estimated delivery date.


"Bryn created the perfect painting for my husband and his two best men, it was everything I had hoped for and more. Bryn was under pressure as I only enquired two months prior to our wedding, however his drive, energy and enthusiasm for the piece made sure it was delivered a week before the wedding and without even meeting the three of them he managed to completely encapsulate their personalities. It is a painting that we will treasure forever and a continual conversation starter in the house. Thank you Bryn xx"

Sophie Crossley
"You have captured the very essence of Guy! Right down to that 'supercilious' eyebrow... We are absolutely thrilled with the caricature - thank you for managing to marry Guy's rather niche tastes into one cohesive picture. We cannot wait to find a suitably ritzy Baroque frame within which to hang it. 

Coming to meet you and Emma was an absolute pleasure and I would recommend Stable Cottage B&B to all. The breakfast was wonderful and Emma should sell her granola. I wish you all the best in your new direction as a sculptor and every success at the upcoming exhibition."


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