Commissions – What’s next?

1. The idea.

So, you’ve got a special birthday or occasion coming up for the man or woman who has it all and you can’t think of what to give him or her. That’s where I can help. A caricature makes a perfect present and it’s totally unique.

2. What’s the difference between a cartoon and a caricature?

A Cartoon or illustration represents an idea or a joke and typically features a type rather than a real person. The originals you find on my website are cartoons drawn to illustrate books or products.

A Caricature is really a humorous portrait. Instead of a huge oil painting on the boardroom wall, you get a gentle summing up of your ‘victim’s’ foibles and interests and it will probably hang in the loo.

If someone were to see the picture in one hundred years time they should instantly know what sort of person he or she was.

  • Cartoon Commission

  • Caricature Commission

3. How do I go about getting a caricature done?

The first step is to consider if it is to be a surprise. The best results will always come from me meeting the subject and taking my own photographs. They don’t have to know what it’s for. They may know that I’m doing a picture of them but they will still be surprised, and I hope pleased, when they see the finished painting.

If it has to be a surprise, then be prepared to do your homework; more about that later.

4. Option One. I can meet the subject.

  • A. That’s great. You email me and I’ll phone you for a chat to discuss the project. People usually find this good fun and I’ll help you turn your ideas into a suitably bonkers picture.
  • B. We will meet, either at my studio in Downton or I’ll visit you as long as you are happy to cover the necessary expenses. I chat to the ‘victim’ and take lots of photographs of him/her with the right clothes, guns, horse, dogs, cars etc
  • C. We discuss the format and agree the detail, amount of time, delivery date and budget.
  • D. I will provide an initial rough sketch so you can envisage what it will look like and I will amend until we are both happy with the concept.
  • E. I doodle away and eventually produce the painting, sending you a photo or arranging a viewing. You and ‘the victim’ are delighted, (I hope), you pay me and my bank manager is delighted… job done.

5. Option Two. I can’t meet the subject.

  • A. The pressure is now on you to provide some really good photos. Sadly, I can’t hope to get a likeness unless you provide the sort of photos I need.
  • B. We discuss the project as outlined in Option One and then I will ask you to provide the photos. In most case this will mean you providing photos that are taken to order with a good quality camera and both close ups and longer shots. In the past people have sent me a couple of hazy snaps and said, “ oh yes he’s lost lots of hair and he has grown a beard since that was taken.” Nope, that just won’t do it for me. If the photos don’t look like him/her then the picture won’t either.
  • C. Tips for good photos. I like to show my subjects with ‘two eyes and one ear’ and smiling naturally. No extremes of shadow and we should be able to see what colour his eyes are. I will need several close ups and then more, full length, in a natural pose. If you can do that then we are on track for success.

6. Cost and size.

My pictures are painted in watercolour paint and crayon and waterproof ink on acid free,150lb hot pressed art paper that should last a lifetime or more. The size will be discussed before I start but as a guide, for a relatively simple picture I use paper that measures 360mm x 510mm. The painting are provided unframed as clients will want to choose the frame to suit their taste and it is safer for delivery.

Each picture is unique and caricatures cost more than cartoons. A simple cartoon would typically cost from £150 + VAT whereas a caricature will start at £500 + VAT. You will not have any unexpected costs and I will always keep within an agreed budget.

7. Cartoons, illustrations, designs and logos to order.

The process for commissioning me to do a cartoon rather than a caricature is the same except I will not need the photographs and the cost is likely to be less. The best way to get a cartoon done is to email me and I’ll give you a call to talk it through.

I also enjoy illustration and design work so please contact me if you want to discuss a project.

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"Bryn provided my sister and now brother in law the most perfect wedding present. Bryn quickly made it clear that the more work we helped with in gaining photos and explaining scenarios, the better the final cartoon would be - it was a surprise, so stealth was necessary... Bryn was incredibly helpful in making suggestions on what would and wouldn't work and we couldn't have been more delighted with the final cartoon - a life long wedding present that will provide many laughs. Bryn's attention to detail is amazing and the cartoon has so many small touches and references that make it such a great personal gift. The whole process was incredibly professional and delivered to a tight deadline"
"We commissioned a picture from Bryn Parry as a wedding gift for some good friends of ours. From the outset Bryn was friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. His excitement about how all the foibles of our friends could be incorporated into the picture was infectious! Bryn warned me that in order to really capture our friends’ quirks and personalities, I would need to do a bit of research but he talked me through exactly what information he would need to bring the picture to life. Bryn had a never-ending supply of creativity and ideas and even managed to include last-minute additions after the bride’s hen-do. We couldn’t have been happier with the finished picture. These are a world away from your average cartoons!"
“We have been collecting Bryn Parry works for over 30 years. Pride of place is a cartoon he did to mark Soffi and my engagement. That and the other Bryn works have graced our walls and tables as we travelled the world. Timeless, British, classics that look good in Mumbai or North Oxfordshire.”