Bryn Parry was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 pancreatic cancer two weeks ago. Regrettably he will be unable to complete any on-going work, or begin any new commissions. However, his express wish is that we continue to sell his artwork, via the website: He is comfortable at home, surrounded by his family and mad dogs!

Please contact us at should you be interested in purchasing any of his sculptures or cartoons.

Best regards

The Parry family

Bryn Parry, Sporting Cartoonist, Caricaturist, Illustrator, Author and Designer.

Bryn Parry is one of the UK’s best known countryside cartoonists. Based in Wiltshire, Bryn’s cartoons depict rural life with a smile. His work has been published in twelve books, appeared in magazines, is used on a wide range of stationery and gift products and his bespoke commissions hang in the finest loos in the land.

Bryn is back at his drawing desk after nine years of running Help for Heroes. Bryn and Emma founded the charity in 2007 and they devoted the next nine years to supporting those who are wounded, injured or become sick as a result of service in the Armed Forces. They finally stepped down from their executive roles in late 2016 and are watching proudly as the wounded go on to rebuild their lives with H4H’s continued support.

Bryn has taken up sculpture and is working on various ‘cartoons in clay’ for exhibition as well as bespoke commission work. would like to discuss an idea or project.

Featured Sculpture

This is my most recent sculpture. A client asked for a barn owl to place in a glade in his garden where it will stand out against a backdrop of dark trees. The little vole will be sitting on a separate stone. The owl has been given a beautiful patina by master patinator Matt Duke at Talos fine art foundry.

The owl and vole are now available as a limited edition of 12 and clients will be able to choose their preferred patina and if wanted, attend the colouring process, an almost miraculous combination of fire and chemicals.

If you are interested in owning a Barn Owl and Vole, please get in touch and we can discuss your ideas.

Size: 85cm wing tip to wing tip



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